The Greek Feta Cheese PDO 200g vacuum

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The Greek Deli PDO Feta cheese is much more than a semi hard cheese with ancient history. It is a delicious multi award winner feta with a very balanced creamy taste & crumbly texture. Made of sheep & goats milk in North Greece, where the unique flora of an altitude above 1000ft makes a difference. A must for your Greek Salad! Gives extra taste to your omelettes, pasta bakes, pasta salads or salads made with pulses.


We are very proud of our The Greek Deli feta.

Our customers say it is the best available in the UK! 

We are the sole importers of this unique cheese made by artisan producer Christakis Dairy in Edessa, North Greece. 

A multi award winner, The Greek Deli Feta Cheese (PDO) is smooth, crumbly and moist without being too salty.

D e l i c i o u s!!!