Domaine Messenicolas by G. Karamitros Moi Je M'En Fous Limnionas Red 750ml

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Limnionas is a Greek wine made of the Greek grape Limnio which originates from the island of Lemnos. Cheeky roseate colour. Aromas of strawberry, wild blackberry and notes of pepper on the palate. Delightful fruity aftertaste. Ideal with cheese and stews.

Je M'En Fous means in French "I don't give a damn, I don't care..." Believe it or not it is a phrase we the Greeks use when we want to say we don't care.

Our friend George Karametros, oenologist and wine maker, the man behind the Je M'En Fous wines, explains why he gave this name to his new line of wines: "Moi J M'En Fous!", says George, "have a sip and rediscover the child within you the time when you couldn't care less! 

Relive your childhood in pathways flooded with scents & tastes of berries.  

See again the world you so longed fo through the deep roseate red Limnionas Moi Je M'En Fous!"