Two Moons White : A truly excellent wine, elegant with echoes of yellow fruit.

Lady of the Lake : A refreshing well - balanced white, perfect with fish.

Melina Tomato Sauce with Basil : A very tasty versatile sauce, works well with a wide range of dishes.

Thyme Honey : Delicious, perfect with Greek yoghurt.

Ms. A.S. Long, Lancashire


Latzimas Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the best olive oil in the UK, the taste and the aroma are to die for!

Mr. P. K., Suffolk


The best Greek products we have ever tried in the UK.

Dina Kolokythas


I have used The Greek Deli's services after receiving recommndations from friends. I have been impressed by their products and the service they provide.

E.S, London


Melina Tomato Sauce with Basil: A very tasty versatile sauce, works well with a wide range of dishes.

Alison. S. Long, Lancashire


We are addicted to the Melina Tomato Sauces!

Sarah & John Webb, Letchworth, Herts


The baklava is great with strong coffee. The tzatziki you supplied is bang on on the taste my wife was looking for (the difference between a regular shop, even Waitrose, and yours is like chalk to cheese); I think she won't bother making her own.

 Miles, South Wales.


Many sauces claim to taste as good as homemade but Melina Tomato Sauces actually do! Quite simply the best bought sauce we 've ever tasted!.Great Kalamata Olives! Our friends love them everytime I serve them with pre dinner nibbles.

Kirsten & Paul Bulmer, Hitchin, Herts


Excellent reliable service and really good range of products.

Richard, Bristol.


Thyme Honey: With the aroma of those sun soaked Greek islands in a summer's breeze, the Greek Deli's Aegean Thyme Honey is a delight on bread & toast. Even better mixed with a fine plain yoghurt & almonds you will not find  a simpler & heavenly dessert.

Kalamata Olives: My in-laws know something about olives, coming from rural Cyprus. The Greek Deli's kalamata olives just bowled them over. A wonderful taste & plenty of flesh, just great in any occasion, meal or snack.

Mike Kershaw, Hitchin, Herts.


You can't beat the flavour of Latzimas Gold!

Yvette, Cotswolds.


Have been a Greek Deli customer for almost two years and can recommend the high quality of their products. My favourites are the delicious thyme honey, the Nico Lazaridi King of Hearts red wine and the Melina meals. The meals are certainly as good as the ones we had in Crete and Rhodes. The friendly cusotmer service is second to none.

Adrian, Chatham, Kent.